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The Palm Springs Photo Festival is where you can spend three exhilarating days with a celebrated, real-world master photographer and two days presenting your work to industry experts and attending important seminars. Come meet new friends and walk away with a renewed passion for photography!


If you are considering entering our extraordinary workshop program – the time has come to make a decision! Dont wait until the last minute – register now to assure your place in the following workshops:

Portrait Workshops:

NIGEL PARRY: Editorial Portraits on Assignment

This workshop represents a very rare occasion to study for several days with one of the most in-demand editorial portrait photographers working today. We’ve seen Nigel’s work in publications worldwide for over 15 years. This class will not focus so much on lighting, for example, but more on the actual experience of executing editorial portrait assignments. Students will see how a portrait is set up and what happens before, during and after the session.

SHELBY LEE ADAMS: Environmental Portraiture Using Mixed Lighting

In this workshop, you’ll have a chance to work closely with renowned photographer Shelby Lee Adams and develop your own eye for environmental portraiture using mixed lighting sources on location. This course will explore the psychological, emotional, and technical aspects of portraiture, with special emphasis on photographing people in their environments.

FRANK OCKENFELS III: Signature Portraiture

“This workshop will serve as a reminder of why we take pictures. We will explore looking at and playing with natural light, alternative lights and lights we find at night. It is a hands-on workshop where I will guide students through my methods; how I see, work and find light. This is not a conventional studio class; strobe and hot lights will not be addressed."

Fine Art Photography Workshops:

KEITH CARTER: Finding Your Voice: Personal Style

Would you like to develop or refine your personal style, strengthen your original vision, and broaden the way you think about the art of photography? This workshop is to help serious amateurs and professionals achieve more passion in their work by clarifying the narrative, aesthetic, and emotional aspects of image making. In this lies the key- your vision can transcend the ordinary, move away from the typical and conventional.

LISA KERESZI: Fine Art Photography: Conceiving & Executing Viable Fine Art Projects

During the days of this workshop, students will immerse themselves in the making of photographs, review and critiques in order to help clarify how to take the next step and find their own path in fine art photography. This workshop will explore the three directions in Kereszi’s work: Interiors, Landscape, and Portraits. She’ll discuss the importance of judicious editing, the production and sale of fine art prints and how to define one’s unique voice.
Emphasis will be placed on the importance of working effectively on a series.

ROBERT MAXWELL: The Contemporary Fine Art Nude

For the first time Maxwell has agreed to conduct a workshop on the subject of the fine art nude. Not a classicist by any means, he has explored making nudes in his own, totally original and contemporary fashion. In this special workshop, Maxwell will work intensely with his students, revealing his motivations and techniques. It will feature active picture-making, supplemented by morning presentations / demonstrations

LISE SARFATI: Fiction & Reality

As many of you know, the idea of creating fictional stories in color fine art photography has become very popular (some say cutting-edge) in recent years. In this workshop, French photographer Lise Sarfati will delve into the methods and inspirations that inform her well-known narrative photographic work.
“Fiction is a reflection of your interior world and photography is how it is projected into Reality." The result from this meeting of your own inner world (the Fiction) and the exterior world (The Reality) is the subject of this workshop.


RON HAVIV: The Photojournalism Master Class

This workshop will explore the multifaceted approaches to photojournalism and help guide you on your own path. Participants will learn what is required of a photojournalist, not just in the field but also when it comes to having work published and how to get your work known. Developing a personal sensitivity and visual style will be emphasized and Haviv will encourage you to work using your instinct rather than formula. Portfolio reviews will guide each person’s narrative direction and then be developed through assignments given during the workshop. You will leave with a clearer understanding of your next step and be well along the way to defining your personal path forward.

Documentary Photography:

GERD LUDWIG: Documentary Photography on Location: Exploring the Salton Sea and its Surroundings.

After individual portfolio reviews, Gerd will openly share the personal approaches he uses to create his own stories for National Geographic Magazine. Technical discussions will focus on how to use photographic tools in real-world scenarios to capture atmosphere and mood, while maintaining a sense of place; photograph people in an intimate fashion; and to use form, lighting, and color in a sophisticated manner in order to communicate emotionally as well as editorially.

Landscape Photography:

DAVID MUENCH: The Desert Light: Color in the Landscape

Back by popular demand, famed photographer David Muench leads this exciting workshop into the exotic desert regions adjacent to Palm Springs to photograph the color desert landscape and flora. There will be field trips to nearby destinations such as Joshua Tree National Park and other areas. Be ready for a sunrise expedition!

Sports Photography:

KARL WEATHERLY: An Introduction to Sports Action Photography

In this workshop, you’ll have a chance to learn the best approaches to action sports photography. We have obtained permission to photograph at skateboard parks and bicycle motocross tracks near Palm Springs. We’ve engaged amazing young “hotshot” skateboarders and bicycle racers for this workshop. By the end of Wednesday, Weatherly plans to have covered a great many of his action techniques. Included topics would be discussions of how the careful selection of shutter speeds relate to the finished product and how to shoot sports with a wide open aperture with good success.

Underwater Photography:

TIM CALVER: Underwater Photography

This unique, two day workshop with underwater photographer Tim Calver will give students an overview of Mr. Calver’s freelance career with an emphasis on technique and artistic expression, as well as an opportunity to create personal images underwater. We will discuss working with models underwater, and focus on working with underwater strobes and the possibilities presented by artificial light. The students will then break into small groups and work with a variey of lenses and models to create unique underwater portraits.

Lighting Workshops:

VINCENT LAFORET & POLLY MORGAN: Beyond the Softbox:® Lighting for Both Stills & Motion

In this two day workshop Director and Photographer Vincent Laforet and Director of Photography Polly Morgan will lead a workshop focused on lighting for cinema. Vincent will discuss the transition from lighting for still photography to the world of motion with Polly. Students will be introduced to key concepts of lighting in the world of motion. Students will explore the different lighting tools available to cinematographers and shoot a variety of small scenes with different lighting approaches.

NELS ISRAELSON: The Dramatic Portrait: Shaping Light to Create Mood, Enhance Character & Increase Drama

"In this One-Day workshop, we will not address how a key umbrella should be balanced with a fill softbox for perfect ‘portrait lighting’. Rather, we will explore the fundamental dynamics of how light works and create lighting in the studio that feels authentic and evocative. You will learn to control these aspects of light, regardless of your subject matter or whether you choose to utilize studio lighting tools or natural sources.”

Business Workshop:


The Business of Photography is an amazing all-day course covering the major facets of the relationships in the business of photography. There will be 8 different instructors each taking a turn discussing their special areas of expertise: The editorial relationship, the advertising agency / client relationship, the artist’s representative relationship, the book publisher relationship, the gallery relationship, the stock agency relationship. Understand how these business relationships work, how they are structured, how to protect yourself, how to know what needs to be in your bids and on your invoices. Instructors include real-world influencers from the advertising, editorial, gallery, book publishing, museum, stock agency and artist’s representative spheres of contemporary photography.

REGISTER ONLINE NOW or call us at 1-800 928-8314 today.



We have a limited quantity of Emerging Photographer

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Need a Hotel? The Attendee Headquarter Hotel is the HYATT REGENCY SUITES.. There is a limited quantity of suites available at only $114!


Now is the time to make your decision to join us in the most exciting single week of photography available. Participate in our remarkable Workshop program, studying with celebrated, real world working photographers. Learn a tremendous amount of new information, essential to your work and career in our Seminar program. Attend important discussions about our current business environment at our daily Symposiums. Get your work in front of over 75 industry influencers in our celebrated Portfolio Review program (this year well offer over 1000 portfolio reviews!) and submit your work in our No Fee Slide Show Contest and possibly have your work projected for the entire festival audience as well as win great gifts from our sponsors.

Heres whats included in your $80 daily registration fee ($30 on Friday):

• Admittance to 8 Seminars during the week

• Our important daily Symposiums: The Business of Fine Art, Monetizing the Internet, Pursuing Your Passions: Funding Personal Projects and PDN Presents: Strategies for the Emerging Photographer

• Four Networking events with wine tastings from prominent California wineries LAventure & Cass Wines.

• Unlimited access to our Sponsor Headquarters. See the latest from Canon, Epson, Leica, Samys Camera, Fuji, X-Rite, Western Digital, onONE Software, Academy University, ASMP, Blend Images Agency, Aperture Foundation, and Marshall Electronics!

• Access to the Open Portfolio Review Sunday, April 1at the Hyatt Regency. Over 80 photographers will present their work!

• Invitation to our Opening Reception immediately following our Open Portfolio Review.



The Canon Digital SLR System

X-Rite Presents: Understanding Color Spaces, Profiles and Calibration with Mac Holbert

Social Media Marketing: Put Facebook, Google+, Twitter & Linked-in to Work for You

Final Cut Pro: How to Mix Motion, Stills & Audio into Short Films

Seeing the World Through a Leica Rangefinder Viewfinder

Lightroom 3: Unlocking the Power of Lightrooms Five Modules

Archive it Now! Preserving Your Photographic Legacy

Mastering the Essential Photoshop Tools: Harness the Power of Photoshop CS5

The Aperture 3 Primer

Photo Book Publishing: How to Get Your Photobook Published

Digital Workflow for Fine Printing

Producing Multi-Media Presentations Using DSLR Cameras: An Overview on How to Make Short Subject Films & Documentaries using a DSLR

Finding Your Audience with Mary Virginia Swanson

Silver Effex Pro 2: Fine Art Black & White with Janice Wendt

ASMP Presents: What Every Artist Should Know About Copyright & Releases with Susan Carr & Richard Kelly

ASMP Bestflow Presents: DAM! Digital Asset Management: with Peter Krogh


We offer over 1000 Portfolio Reviews with the industrys most important influencers including museum curators, gallery directors, magazine editors, picture editors & art directors, advertising agency creatives and more. This is the opportunity to have face time with people who can not only offer expert advice, but can influence your career choices as well.

Most importantly, you can join the community – meet like-minded people, exchange ideas, keep your work fresh and exciting. Were about the passion for photography. These are exciting times! Call us at 1-800 928 8314 for more information or go directly to our website at

Courses fill quickly so REGISTER NOW!

See you in the desert!



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