Where does the festival take place?

The Festival is based at the Hyatt Regency Suites Hotel. Our Workshop Program and daily Symposiums are based at the fabulous Moroccan-inspired Korakia Pensione in Palm Springs, California. Our Sponsor’s Headquarters area, Seminars, Portfolio Review Program and Registration are based at the Hyatt throughout each day. Our Evening Presentations and parties are held at the Palm Springs Art Museum. Korakia, the Palm Springs Art Museum and the Hyatt are all within three short blocks of each other.

Do I need to pay a Daily Registration Fee to attend the festival?

An $80 daily registration fee is required for each day of Festival attendance except Friday which is reduced to $30. This entitles the attendee to free admittance to many of our Seminars, our daily Symposium, Evening Presentation and parties as well as access to the Sponsor Headquarters, Canon CPS and special Canon educational offerings. Workshops, Portfolio Reviews and some of our Seminars are charged additional.

If I attend a Workshop, do I still need to pay a registration fee?

Yes, however, Workshop attendees will receive a 20% discount from the daily registration fee for each day of their workshop when they complete their registration

Do I have to pay a Registration Fee for Sunday if I want to attend the Open Portfolio Review and the Opening Reception?

No, both are free to registered attendees. There is no charge to attend Sunday.

What is your Cancellation Policy if I have to cancel my registration?

Refunds may be submitted at any time until March 1. Early cancellation of a registration results in a small $15.00 administrative fee. For those canceling a workshop, the administrative fee is $75. After March 1, all fees are non-refundable except in case of any course cancellation by the festival.. To cancel your registration, simply call us at 1-800 928-8314 or email us at [information at palmspringsphotofestival.com]

Where do I send my slide show for your Slide Show Contest?

You can FTP your show by first putting your files in a Zip file, then upload it to us by using Yousendit.com or Megaupload.com. Our email address for uploading the zip file is information@palmspringsphotofestival.com. You can also send it before March 5 to Palm Springs Photo Festival, P.O. Box 69405, Los Angeles, California 90069. For further information on our free Slide Show Contest, click here

If I submit a slide show, do I need to use Royalty Free music?

A Word about music copyrights: If your slide show is accepted as a finalist, to be shown in our Evening Presentation, you should obtain the synchronization rights from the music publisher and the master-use rights from the recording company (record label). These are not difficult to obtain and the cost is minimal. We cannot be held responsible for doing so. Another option is to use royalty-free music, which is easy to obtain by searching royalty-free music on Google. A wide range of music is available to choose from. Please indicate on your submission if you’ve used royalty-free music.

Do I need to have music for my slide show or can it be something different – ?

It can be any audio track you wish to incorporate in your slide show. It doesn’t have to be music specifically.

If I’m registered for a workshop, how can I still participate in the Portfolio Review program?

There is no conflict for you on Thursday nor Friday of the festival week because your workshop will conclude Thursday morning (except in the case of the Ron Haviv Master Class) – and the morning session Thursday for the workshops are optional wrap-ups. We will feature a great number of reviewers available on Thursday, April 5 and Friday, April 6.

How does the Portfolio Review Program work?

All those registered for Portfolio Reviews before March 9 will receive several emails from us enabling them to submit their top reviewer choices online. We will be able to grant at least 60% of these requests in nearly all cases! The remaining portfolio reviews will be available to all others once the pre-registered attendee’s requests have been assigned. Of course attendees will be able to sign up for reviews at any time up to and including the festival days – but the largest possible choices will be reserved for those registered before the March 9 deadline. Once at the festival, beginning at 8:00 am each morning, attendees can select reviews from their own computers, our Attendee computers or at our Portfolio Registration area for the reviews of their choice. We print you a receipt which you present at the appointed time. Reviews are by appointment only. You are guaranteed five 20-minute portfolio reviews. Price is $250. Additional series of five reviews or more may be purchased. Discounts apply to 10 or more reviews. You should be present in our waiting area at least 15 minutes before your review. We reserve the option to allow others to take the review if you’re not there at least 3 minutes before the review is scheduled to begin.

I see Sunday is free from Daily Registration fees. Why does the Open Portfolio Review cost $95?

Sunday, April 1st is free of daily registration fees. All registered (minimum one day) attendees are invited to visit the Open Portfolio Review on Sunday, April 1 at no charge. In order to participate in the Open Portfolio Review, you have to have signed up for Portfolio Reviews (cost is $47.50). If you haven’t, you can still participate in the Open Portfolio Review for a fee of $95.

Your 800 Phone Number doesn’t work from Canada. How can I contact you from here?

You can call us at 310.289.5030

Where can we get lunch?

Workshop students receive a FREE boxed lunches for each full day of their workshop. Simply choose the lunches you want on our registration site and the workshop assistant will assure your lunch is delivered to your workshop each day. We’ve made arrangements with the Hyatt Regency to provide nutritious lunches poolside at very affordable prices to our attendees.

Can you recommend a hotel close to the Festival?

The Official Attendee Headquarters is our partner venue, the HYATT REGENCY SUITES Hotel. Special Festival rates are available to attendees. Up-to-date price and reservation information is available on the Hotels & Travel page.


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