An Introduction from our Director

Jeff DunasThe Palm Springs Photo Festival, located in the exclusive, sun-capital of Southern California, offers the rare chance of meeting one-on-one in an informal, social situation with famous photographers, magazine editors, gallery directors, museum curators, ad agency creative directors, art directors and photography educators. Attendees can sign up for portfolio reviews in our world-class review program throughout five days of the 6-day event as well as study with master photographers and attend informative seminars and symposiums with influential industry experts. This festival is intended for professional photographers, emerging photographers and passionate advanced amateur photographers. This is your chance to see how it’s done by great practitioners of the medium. Watch them work, show them your photographs for critiques, learn how to be better – think differently about your work, attend events to see career-spanning slide shows of master photographers. Come and feel photography clear to your bones.

Our program is built around the following elements: Workshops, Seminars, Symposiums, Portfolio Reviews, Evening Presentations, our Open Portfolio Review, and Networking Parties at the Palm Springs Art Museum. The idea for the festival is to allow attendees to meet and interact with fellow attendees and our invited participants throughout an intensive six day, five night festival.

At first, the depth and options in our program can seem daunting. My personal recommendation is to first look at our celebrated WORKSHOP PROGRAM and determine if you will be enrolling in one. There are four-day, two-day and one-day workshops. You can even enroll in a 4-day workshop and a one-day workshop if you choose (The fourth day of four-day workshops end at 11:00 am, and are optional. We’ve scheduled most one-day workshops to fall on the fourth day of the festival to allow you this choice). If you decide to enroll in one of the four-day workshop programs, you’ll have the fourth day as well as the fifth day (Friday) of our program to take Portfolio Reviews and Seminars. We’ve deliberately scheduled many of our important Seminars on the fourth day (Thursday) and repeat four from earlier in the week so that our Workshop attendees will be able to attend.

Look over our PORTFOLIO REVIEW Program. These one-on-one consultations, in 20 minute increments, are offered throughout each day by important industry experts. This is where you can show your work to museum curators, collectors, art directors, editors, ad agency creatives, leading photographers, educators, gallery owners, reps and others who can offer you a valuable critique and advise. This is one of our most popular features so if you’re coming for reviews, register early! Take a look at the list of our Portfolio Review faculty and make a list of the reviewers you’d like to meet. We’ve tried to assure each reviewer is available on at least two different days. Look carefully at the Review faculty list, sorted by affiliation on our Portfolio Review page. There are two schools of thought:

1). Take reviews from those you think can get you work.

2). Take reviews from those whose credentials indicate their critique will be most valuable for you.

My thinking is that the second scenario is the more appropriate in most cases. Also consider that though you may be a commercial photographer, and tempted to show your work to reviewers from the commercial sector, you might be well-advised in finding out what experts in different disciplines than yours say about your work. They may have a different take and this might prove very valuable. By the same token, a fine-art photographer might find a good reception for his or her work from the commercial sector. You may also open up an entirely new direction for yourself by doing so. Today, many ad agencies are looking at fine-art photographers for their campaigns – remember this is the only sector where photographers are truly paid handsome fees. See impossible to meet creatives from diverse advertising agencies at Connect 2012.

Our SEMINAR Program offer lecture-style classes taught by experts in their fields. They are designed for serious amateur, emerging and professional photographers alike. You will all learn valuable information, tips and shortcuts from the pros in our seminars. They run all day, each day in the Grand Salon of the HYATT Regency Suites Hotel. This program offers over 20 great classes, many of which are FREE with your daily registration. This program is one of the best offered anywhere.

The Palm Springs Photo Festival offers one major SYMPOSIUM daily to which all attendees are invited. We have invited industry experts from museums, galleries, auction houses, art schools and manufacturers in addition to leading photographers to sit on panels and discuss vital aspects of the photography world. Our symposiums are designed to stimulate and educate photographers by enlightening them in honest, forthright discussions on subjects central to our careers.

Each night at 8:45pm, we reassemble at our EVENING PRESENTATIONS in the beautiful Annenberg Theater of the Palm Springs Art Museum to watch career encompassing slide presentations by world famous photographers in addition to see the amazing results of our Slide Show Contest as well as our much awaited RAFFLES of wonderful gear offered by our Sponsors. Networking Parties in the Palm Springs Art Museum sculpture gardens feature wine tastings from California winemakers and an open bar.

We also have special events: Our OPEN PORTFOLIO REVIEW tm which is open to the first 80 photographers enrolled in the Portfolio Review program at a nominal cost, is an opportunity to present your work to all of our faculty, attendees and staff on Sunday, April 1st, between 2 and 5 pm in the Grand Salon of the Hyatt. This is how we kick off the Festival. The Open Review is followed by our OPENING RECEPTION, held at the amazing Korakia Pensione Hotel just 2 blocks from the Hyatt between 5:30 pm and 8:00 pm. We serve hot hors d’oeuvres and offer a limited open bar.

Speaking of our highly regarded NO-FEE SLIDE SHOW CONTEST, each year our jury selects 16 lucky finalists who receive wonderful prizes. The Grand Prize Winner receives a wonderful prize from Canon and gifts from our major sponsors. Send in your selection(s) as early as possible via FTP.

We present an exciting group of over 18 sponsors in our SPONSOR HEADQUARTERS, located in the lobby of the Hyatt Regency Suites hotel. Visit Canon and others everyday and check out their unique promotions available to you.

Palm Springs is only a two hour drive from Los Angeles, or San Diego and boasts an international airport with connections to many major cities.

Don’t Miss It! REGISTER NOW and RESERVE YOUR HOTEL ROOMS. For a limited time, while supplies last, we can offer you a suite at the Attendee Headquarters Hotel (The Hyatt Regency Suites) for only $119 per night! These go quickly and may be sold out at this time but it’s worth trying.

Feel Free to contact us to discuss any aspects of our program at 1-800- 928-8314

See you there!



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