“It exceeded my expectations. It was worth every penny. I was stunned by the amount of technology we had available at our disposal. I feel much more comfortable in working on a video project. Gloria Baker

“I learned all the basic steps to set up my camera so I can shoot video. I didn’t know we were going to shoot a short film. I would definitely recommend it for anyone who’s interested in getting into filmmaking.” Ray Carns

“The stuff I learned at the first boot camp was perfect. I knew nothing about DSLR video. Nothing. I knew it existed. So all of what you talked about and taught was priceless. John and I are talking about both coming to the next one.” Sebastian Humphreys

“I do want to come back and take a refresher course. That the workshop was great!!” Fima Gelman

“Seriously… Would love to take it.. More work on how to story board… I would love to get more tips oriented toward the photojournalist single photographer who has been asked to “shoot some video while you are doing our stills…”. I am not alone in that department… Most photographers I know get that request monthly if not weekly…Hope to see you in PS!” Rudi Dundas

The ADVANCED two-day workshop shows more experienced filmmakers and photographers how to take their productions to the next level.

Day One of the Advanced filmmaking Workshop tells how to design and execute powerful moving images. You’ll learn how to prep a shoot – storyboards, shot selection, lens choices, camera support systems, lighting and pacing…all of it. There will be camera operation drills of documentary camera techniques and narrative film camera techniques. You’ll learn which shutter speeds will augment the action, how to use hand-held rigs, car mounts, jib arms and sliders.

Day Two you’ll explore the boundaries of your DSLR’s low light capability as we shoot scenes for a short film. We’ll show you how to use and augment existing light, and how to remove light for a more “cinema look”. The same professional crew from Day One will be there to assist you reaching your goals of achieving Canon Boot Camp’s Pro Level Two certification.


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