The DSLR Video Production Boot Camp with Fletcher Murray
Tuesday, April 3 – Wednesday, April 4.

This workshop can be taken in conjunction with Beyond the Softbox: An Introduction to Lighting for Motion & Stills with Vincent Laforet & Polly Morgan Thursday & Friday. It is not required to take both.

This is for novices and seasoned professional photographers and filmmakers who want to learn the Basics of professional DSLR filmmaking. This is the workshop we presented in cooperation with the Brooks Institute Workshop program and sold out at the 2012 Palm Springs Photo Festival. You’ll learn step by step, at your own speed, in a relaxed, hands on environment.

On Day One, you’ll be guided through how to set up your camera menus, pick your shutter speed, set white balance, select ISO, and pick your lenses and camera support systems. We’ll help still photographers transition into motion picture production. You’ll learn how to offload your shots and prepare them for editing. Your questions come first. Our professional, friendly crew of experienced filmmakers will answer your questions (no question too dumb) as we move you comfortably through the drills of Day One’s checklist. At the end of the day, you’re ready to shoot digital film.

On Day Two, you will apply your Day One skills to filming scenes with models/actors for a short film. You’ll learn on-location lighting and try out camera platforms. Even if you’ve never shot video with a DSLR you can leave this workshop confident that you can shoot digital film. You’ll be certified as a Canon Boot Camp Pro Level One completion.

(Some of last year’s PSPF graduates’ comments can be seen at )

“It exceeded my expectations. It was worth every penny. I was stunned by the amount of technology we had available at our disposal. I feel much more comfortable in working on a video project. Gloria Baker

“I learned all the basic steps to set up my camera so I can shoot video. I didn’t know we were going to shoot a short film. I would definitely recommend it for anyone who’s interested in getting into filmmaking.” Ray Carns

“The stuff I learned at the first boot camp was perfect. I knew nothing about DSLR video. Nothing. I knew it existed. So all of what you talked about and taught was priceless. John and I are talking about both coming to the next one.” Sebastian Humphreys

“I do want to come back and take a refresher course. That the workshop was great!!” Fima Gelman

“Seriously… Would love to take it.. More work on how to story board… I would love to get more tips oriented toward the photojournalist single photographer who has been asked to “shoot some video while you are doing our stills…”. I am not alone in that department… Most photographers I know get that request monthly if not weekly…Hope to see you in PS!” Rudi Dundas

So you have a DSLR Camera that can shoot video, now what are you going to do? This two-day workshop will serve as a serious introduction to how you can use your DSLR cameras to shoot broadcast quality motion & still projects for your clients.

We’ll explore camera setup procedures, cinema lenses, stabilization choices, monitoring issues, sound options and DIGITAL workflow. How and when to move the camera will be discussed as well as production strategies that optimize the budget and experience level of photographer filmmakers.

• Demos and drills to be sure you can operate the Canon HDSLR like a Pro

• Hands-on, Real Life training scenarios

• “Tips from the Pros”
• Workflow tips for offloading the files

• Special Preview of Canon’s new 5D Mark III and C300 HD camera

1. What are the basic steps for setting up my camera?
2. What is the transcoding process?
3. What are the limitations of the 4:2:0 color space?
4. What are my options for support & handheld rigging?
5. Should I shoot FAITHFUL, NEUTRAL or another preset look?
6. How can I avoid the CMOS sensor overheating?
7. How do I import my shots into Final Cut Pro?
8. What are my audio options?
9. What kind of memory cards should I use?
10. What do I use to offload the cards in the field?
11. How do I avoid moiré and rolling shutter issues?
12. What do I do if my camera overheats and shuts off?
13. Can I shoot Auto Iris?
14. How do I get a custom white balance?
15. Is the sensor bigger than the RED?

1. Pre-shoot Prep Steps to take – defining your approach by the script.
2. What “look” are you shooting for.
3. How to Set up for a commercial shoot.
4. Double-system and single system sound recording.
5. How to set up for run and gun.
6. Choosing proper camera mounts.
7. Choosing your Lensing: zooms vs primes.
8. Follow Focus options.
9. Lighting in challenging situations.
10. Getting White Balance with Grays.
11. Downloading a Picture Style.
12. Working with car mounts.
13. Moving with handheld rigs.
14. Monitoring in the field.
15. Using viewfinder for critical focus.
16. Digital File Management in the field.
17. The transcoding process.

The purpose of our program is to give you hands-on experience so you will have the confidence & ability to shoot your movie with these great Canon cameras.

Talent will be available and students will have the opportunity of shooting and directing the talent.

We’ll discuss how to import your footage into Final Cut or Adobe Premiere, add sound and stills, and how basic tools in these programs can be used to edit and output projects.
This well-rounded class will have as its goal, to demystify DSLR video production and have you shooting basic motion in no time.

Tuesday, April 3 – Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Price: $700
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Fletch is a multi-Emmy award-winning director of photography. He has shot over 200 films in 25 countries from commercials for Coors, Kawasaki, Alpine, Universal Studios Jaws Lagoon etc. to 90-minute documentaries. He has shot with a number of cameras: VistaVision, Panavision, Mitchell, Cinemascope, and Arriflex. Of his eighteen documentaries, the first won the Chicago Film Festival, his last documentary, ‘Google Me the Movie’, was spotlighted on ‘Oprah’. Fletch has shot hand-held, car-to-car, and helicopter, aerial shots in his award-winning career

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