ASMP dpBestflow Presents: DAM! Digital Asset Management for Photographers with PETER KROGH

ASMP dpBestflow Presents: DAM! Digital Asset Management for Photographers with Peter Krogh, author of The D.A.M. Book and Senior Project Manager of the ASMPdp Bestflow Project.

Photographers all have issues with respect to what the best method is to easily locate their digital assets from among many hard drives, and maximize the potential sales of their digital assets. Peter Krogh, author of the best-selling The DAM Book: Digital Asset Management for Photographers describes in detail the essentials for keyword entry, selection process (rating the images in your collection), rapid retrieval of images and the making of the all-important catalog’s of your images. This seminar will potentially change your working methods forever. In his book, Krogh brings clarity to the often overwhelming task of managing digital photographs, with a solid plan and practical advice for fellow photographers on how to file, find, protect and re-use photographs. Following a thorough overview of the DAM system and de-mystifications of metadata and digital archiving, Krogh focuses on best practices for digital photographers using Adobe Photoshop. He explains how to use Lightroom or Bridge along with Camera Raw, the DNG file format and DAM software. He shows you how to cut down your image processing time, while simultaneously preparing images for a long-term archive.
Thursday, April 5.
2:30 pm – 4:30 pm
Price: FREE
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Photographer Peter Krogh, a commercial photographer in the Washington D.C. area, brings a creative, award-winning approach to technically challenging and visually compelling photographic storytelling. He is an Alpha Tester for Adobe, helping with the development of work-flow and asset management tools for Photoshop and Adobe Bridge. Peter is a former board member of A.S.M.P., the American Society of Media Photographers and is Senior Project Manager for the ASMP dpBestflow Project. He speaks frequently on Digital Asset Management to photographers’ groups and other computer users.



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