We have great news for you if you’re planning to attend Connect 2012 and participate in the Portfolio Review Program!

The Open Portfolio Review is an event whereby those who sign up for Portfolio Reviews will have the opportunity to participate, at half price (just $47.50), in a fantastic OPEN PORTFOLIO REVIEW® to take place on Sunday, April 1st at the Hyatt Regency hotel, our Festival Headquarters. The Open Portfolio Review is open to the public.

You will be able to present your work to hundreds of people for this 3-hour event. The Open Review will take place from 2:00pm – 5:00pm in the Hyatt’s Grand Salon. For those who would like to participate in the Open Review without signing up for Portfolio Reviews, there will be a charge of $95 to participate. Some attendees who are not sure about registering for the Portfolio Review program have signed up for the Open Review by paying the $95 to hold their place – and later, contacted us to register for the reviews. In this case, we’re happy to credit the amount paid for the Open Review towards their review registration.

Participants will have ample room to present works within approximately 3.5 – 4 feet of table space. This is a great opportunity to maximize your ability to present your work to a large group of people including decision makers at magazines, ad agencies, museums, galleries, photographers, festival attendees, sponsors and the general public. A great many of our Faculty will be present to walk through the event and see you and your work. In addition, all attendees are invited to walk through the event and see the presentations. The number of photographers we can accommodate is limited so please register now! Simply use your registration confirmation to return to the registration site and select “Open Review” to participate. Those not planning to participate in Portfolio Reviews can click on the “Register” link below and sign up for the Open Review.

Immediately following the Open Review, our Opening Reception will begin at Korakia just a short several blocks away. We’ll have free shuttle service between the Hyatt and Korakia for this event.

Our staff is ready to help you with any questions. Please call 1-800 928- 8314 for further information or email us at information at

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