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Toni Greaves – Radical Love


Arthur Bondar – Wormwood
Enrico Fabian – Phas Gaya – Being stuck
Micheal Butler – Rodeo Drive
Toni Greaves – Radical Love


Monday, April 2

Arthur Bondar – Wormwood
Eric Lusito -Traces of the Soviet Empire
Antonello Mazzei – Pantheon
Arthur Bondar – Signatures of War

Tuesday, April 3

Alessio Paduano – Bucharest
Mimi Mollica – Terra Nostra
Sarah Hadley – Lost Venice
Tom Johnson – Au Bout de la ligne

Wednesday, April 4

Enrico Fabian – Phas Gaya – Being Stuck
Aaron Cohen – The Communitarians
Micheal Butler – Rodeo Drive
Gregor Schuster & Daniel Wetzel – Supermodels

Thursday, April 5

Toni Greaves – Radical Love
Neil Craver – Omni-Phantasmic
Lisa Folino- Dearly Departed
Nancy Baron – Now It’s a Church


Each evening of the festival we present the work of 4 finalists. Your work could be seen by the participants and attendees of the PSPF on the large screen in the Annenberg Theater of the Palm Springs Art Museum.

Enter our Slide Show Contest and have a chance to win amazing prizes from our sponsors!

Our four finalists will receive a Retrospective 10 shoulder bag from Think Tank Photo, a Power Snoot from Gary Fong, Inc. as well as other prizes.

The Grand Prize winner will receive gifts including: Special gifts from Canon, Think Tank Photo, a $300 gift certificate from Samy’s Camera, a surprise from Western Digital and more!

Send us your slide shows! You can send as many as you like. Please try to be sure they are sent in Mac readable format with each image saved separately in a folder as well as incorporated into your show. The slide shows you send will be used by us as a guide – also distributed to our judges, so they needn’t be perfect nor large – not more than 50 megs please. We accept Quicktime movies and Keynote presentations. You may also simply send jpgs in a folder with your music or audio track selection and if your work is selected, we’ll put it together provided you number your images in the order you’d like them projected. Slide shows cannot be longer than three minutes in duration and should have music. If you don’t we’ll try to marry the work with music at our end. If you choose to send a complete slide show, please also include your music or audio track file in a separate folder on your disk or in your upload. All images should be sized to 2000 pixels on the long dimension at 125 dpi. We request you send us a brief text about your submission. Be sure to include your name, address, email address and telephone number with your submission. There is no entry fee required.

YOU CAN FTP your slide show to us! Just zip the images and your music into one or two folders and upload them to us using or any other FTP service. We’ll email you to let you know we’ve received them. OUR ADDRESS for sending us files by either of these methods is information (at) (please substitute @ for the word “at”). PLEASE REMEMBER: The title of the slide show should be your name, first, followed by the title of the show if required.

Try to avoid the “Ken Burns effect.” It does your work a disservice in the context of an audience of photographers – it’s fine for editorializing your work – for other purposes, but for a slide show for photographers it’s distracting. Thank you.

Entries should be addressed to Palm Springs Photo Festival, Post Office Box 69405, Los Angeles, California 90069. Work sent by mail and not selected for our program will be returned after April 15, 2012, provided a self-addressed, stamped envelope is included in the submission. All other materials including digital submissions will be destroyed.

The Palm Springs Photo Festival reserves the right to use portions of any slide show selected as a finalist or grand prize winner in the promotion of the Palm Springs Photo Festival Slide Show Contest. Credit and copyright notice will accompany all uses and photographer will be notified of such use. The Palm Springs Photo Festival cannot be held responsible for loss or damage of any submissions.

Winner must live in the United States to receive free shipping with the Canon Product.

A Word about music copyrights: If your slide show is accepted as a finalist and contains copyrighted recorded music, to be shown in our Evening Presentation, you will need to obtain the synchronization rights from the music publisher and the master use rights from the recording company (record label). These are not difficult to obtain and the cost is minimal. We can also try to help you to obtain these permissions if you have difficulties, but we cannot be held responsible for doing so. Another option is to use royalty-free music, which is easy to obtain by searching royalty-free music on Google. A wide range of music is available to choose from. Please indicate on your submission if you’ve used royalty-free music.


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